Friday, August 9, 2013

Free Ebook: Health Coaching & Business Mistakes

Are you aware that the alternative health & wellness industry is growing because more and more people are dissatisfied with Western Medicine? Many people are fed up with Western Medicine's focus on drugs as the answer to many of today's lifestyle-driven diseases and illnesses, i.e. high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, chronic fatigue, heart disease.
Health Coaching

In addition, are you aware that health coaching is the Number 1 growing profession in the alternative health & wellness industry? By the way, diabetes health coaching is the Number 1 growing specialized profession in the health coaching profession.

But, most alternative care professionals aren't making the kind of money you would expect to make in this growing industry. 

So, where's the disconnect? Why are so many health coaches struggling in an industry that is growing so fast? Insurance is a major barrier because of their allegiance to the medical dcotors and the pharmaceutical companies. Insurance companies will pay you for your drugs but they won't pay you for preventive care. Although that is changing, it is not changing fast enough.

The Death to Diabetes LLC Company and the owner/diabetes educator (DeWayne McCulley) are aware of this because Mr. McCulley is seen as an expert in the diabetes wellness industry and he works with a lot of healthcare professionals. As a result, he (and his staff) have been able to help diabetes educators, naturopathic doctors, certified dietitians, health coaches, and other healthcare professionals grow their businesses and dramatically increase their revenues.

In addition to the insurance issue, Mr. McCulley has identified 7 mistakes that healthcare professionals inadvertently make in the alternative health & wellness industry, especially when it comes to starting or growing their own health & wellness business. And, after conducting a multitude of business training classes and corporate wellness training, and after attending several business/entrepreneurial conventions and conferences, Mr. McCulley has discovered that healthcare professionals are inadvertently making a lot more mistakes than the original 7 mistakes. 

Some of the areas where the mistakes are being made include: product offerings, services, credibility & trust, communications, website design, networking, business planning, marketing, communications, and the use of free Internet technologies to generate more revenue.

If you are a healthcare professional or a health advocate with your own business), and you want to avoid these mistakes and grow your business, then, visit Mr. McCulley's website (Death to Diabetes) and fill out the form to obtain the author's free ebook. This free ebook will teach you how to avoid these common mistakes and understand why you're struggling in this growing industry. Consequently, you will eventually be able to grow your business and your revenues and achieve the level of success you expected in the first place. 

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Health Coaching & Business Mistakes Free Ebook

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