Sunday, September 22, 2013

Importance of Technology

PC computer and the Internet
Two of the most powerful technologies from the 1980s and 1990s have grown and converged enabling many of us to live better lives, health-wise and financial-wise.

These two technolgies will help you tremendously to be an even more successful health coach. And, if you're not a health coach, these two technologies can help you to become a health coach (or an author, or whatever field you're interested in).

Do you know what those two technologies are? 

Hint: If you're reading this blog post, then, you are using both of those technologies -- namely, the personal computer and the Internet.

The convergence of the personal computer and the Internet has fueled a major shift in the way we live, work and communicate. This convergence allows us to learn about things that used to require us to go back to college or it required us to spend a lot of time in the library doing research.

Now, you can accomplish a lot of this and other activities in the comfort of your own home. Unfortunately, most of us either misuse or under-utilize our personal computer and its connection to the rest of the world via the Internet. Most of us use our computer for things like paying our bills, shopping online, playing video games, and socializing via platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

But, the real power of the personal computer and the Internet can help you address two of the top problems that most of us will face during our lifetime.  One of those problems is financial -- unless you're related to Bill Gates or Warren Buffett. Smile The other problem is our health -- sooner or later either we get sick or a loved one in our family gets sick.

Fortunately, there are thousands of ways that your computer and the Internet can help you with your finances and/or your health -- as long as you're willing to put in the time and effort -- to first figure out how to help yourself, and, then, use that experience to help others. But, if you're going to just sit around and complain or regret what has happened to you, then, your computer can't help you.

On the other hand, if you're motivated to either improve your health or improve  your finances, then, your computer can be a true Godsend. It can even help you to start your own business. Just start using some of the free Internet tools and social media platforms to get you started, i.e. Google, Gmail, Blogger, YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Picasa, SlideShare, MySpace. Some of these platforms will actually pay you! Technology is great if you know how to use it ...

If you're interested in helping others (via health coaching), but you're not sure how to get started, think about what you do well and what you really like doing. If you didn't have to worry about paying bills, what would you be doing with your life? What would get your juices flowing such that you would jump out of bed every morning with enthusiasm and joy?

Then, think about the major challenges and problems that you had have to overcome and deal with during your life. Some examples may include things like raising a family, putting your kids through college, getting a college degree, improving your health, losing a lot of weight, serving in the military, overcoming abusive parents, helping others ... the list goes on and on.

Then, think about what you're really good at -- writing? talking? planning? mathematics? raising your children? working? helping others? convincing others of your point of view? making friends? fixing things? ...

Then, think about how to converge what you like doing with what you do well and with the challenges and problems you've had to overcome during your life.

Then, do your own research in an area that garners a lot of interest from you. Don't focus so much on how to make money -- instead focus on how to help others -- learn how to be a true servant first. Select a field of that allows you to help others and be a servant. For example, health coaching is a field that allows you to help others and be a servant of the people.

If you do this, you'll  be well on your way! If you have any questions, feel free to call our toll-free number or contact us via email.

Personal Observation from the Author: I have met many healthcare professionals and business entrepreneurs in the health & wellness industry over the years. It simply amazes me how so many people spend so much time pushing "the next great supplement" or some other product -- while ignoring their greatest product of all -- themselves! So, the most important piece of advice that I can give you is to not underestimate your own story and your own power. And, if you lack certain skills (i.e. computers, MS tools, writing, public speaking), then, take a class at your local community college or online.

Bottom-line: Learn how to take full advantage of your computer and the Internet to help realize your dreams.