Sunday, September 7, 2014

Marketing Mistakes

There are many ways to market your business, especially with the many diverse set of marketing tools that are available on the Internet.

Unfortunately, many of us fail to use these tools properly and we spend our time making one or more of the 10 common mistakes that entrepreneurs make when trying to market their business, products and/or services.

Some of these marketing mistakes include the following:
  • Not having a business plan that addresses multiple revenue streams and a back-end product or service.
  • Not having a marketing plan that addresses how to use social media and other platforms the right way; and, under-utilizing the various marketing methodologies.
  • Not clearly identifying a niche market for your business (trying to service everyone leads to servicing almost no one)
  • Not understanding your client and their needs and desires. 
  • Not articulating and differentiating your business with a powerful USP or VOD.
  • Lack of a workflow model or a description of how your business operates
  • Improperly-designed website (A lot of people focus on the look of the website instead of the functionality of the website!)
  • Not obtaining the proper training or leveraging your own skill set
  • Failing to promote yourself instead of your business with the right brand marketing
  • Not willing to spend money or spending money on the wrong things to grow your business
  • Subconsciously treating your business like a hobby!
In future posts, we will discuss marketing, marketing strategies, do's and don'ts, the 7 marketing segments, the 12 marketing methods, and other similar topics. 

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Please Note: Although our focus is diabetes wellness, our business/marketing staff provides help (and training*) to some of our diabetic clients and health coaches who are learning how to use Facebook and grow their own health & wellness business.

*The key to wellness is knowledge. Ironically, the key to wealth is also knowledge.