Sunday, September 6, 2015

Health Coaching is Growing!

Alternative Medicine business is growing.You may be surprised to know that health coaching is taking off as a career choice for people involved in alternative healthcare and/or integrative medicine.

Studies which verify the effectiveness of health coaching are beginning to gain traction, and corporations and physicians’ offices are beginning to take note.

Dr. Mehmet Oz has said that health coaches are crucial in changing the culture of wellness in America. More doctors now agree that health coaching will not only help the patient, but, will help the doctors as well. Why are doctors changing their minds about health coaching?

First of all, Alternative Medicine has been growing because people are tired of taking so many drugs offered by Western Medicine. People are looking at various therapies offered within Alternative Medicine because they're looking for non-drug solutions to their health issues.

In the meantime, medical doctors in Western Medicine don't want to lose their patients to the world of Alternative Medicine. Hiring a health coach is a small price to pay to keep one's patients.

And, because of the demand for non-drug therapies, and because of the growth of Alternative Medicine, the field of health coaching is growing even faster. Within the field of Health Coaching, the demand for diabetes health coaching is growing significantly faster than the other major types of health coaching (i.e. life coaching, weight loss coaching, general health coaching).

Why is the demand for diabetes health coaching growing so fast? Because diabetes (specifically Type 2 diabetes) has continued to grow at epidemic levels during the past 10 years.

                                Diabetes continues to grow at epidemic levels.

Diabetes continues to grow each year.

As a result, the demand for more diabetes health coaches has continued to exceed the available supply of diabetes health coaches who truly understand the complexities of this disease. if you're looking for a field that is growing and will continue to grow for the next 20 years, then, diabetes health coaching is a great choice.

Note: Even though the demand for diabetes health coaching is growing, the available health coaching training programs do not adequately cover the science of diabetes and nutrition. As a result, most health coaches are not equipped to effectively help most Type 2 diabetics with their disease. This has led some companies such as the Death to Diabetes, LLC company to offer a diabetes training program for health coaches who are interested in diabetes and are also interested in growing their business.

Health Coaching and Healthcare Costs
As opposed to a traditional health care system in which the patient is prescribed drug-focused treatments by their doctor, a health coach helps the patient to be more proactive in their medical care utilizing non-drug behavioral treatment methods such as dietary and lifestyle changes. The health coach can help in focusing on the aspects of the patient's health that is most important or most troubling, and work to find a treatment approach that meets the patient's personal needs.

With healthcare costs continuing to rise, and health crises (such as diabetes) so difficult to manage, this burgeoning field of health coaching aims to support clients and patients in taking better care of themselves for the short term and long term.

                           Healthcare costs are continuing to rise every year.

You can now find health coaches in your local doctor’s office, at your local pharmacy, or they can be hired by healthcare facilities (hospitals, private practices, etc.) or even business corporations as a part of a company’s preventive health care program.  Due to the rise of corporate wellness programs, companies want healthier employees to increase productivity and lessen health insurance claims which explains why health coaches are becoming more and more employed or consulted in this work setting. And, as credibility gets established, demand will grow even more.

Although most insurance companies may not yet cover health and wellness coach consultations, given the requests from so many employees, it may not be long before health insurance carriers add the health coaching service to their benefits packages.

If you are interested in starting your own health coaching or consultant business, you may want to consider taking an online training course.  They are often affordable, self-paced, professional and can give you very specific information for your area of need or help you clarify your life direction and career path. For more details, refer to our post about training schools.Health coaching

If you would like to become a personal health and wellness coach, you can begin your own business after taking some type of online health coaching certification program, including the program offered by the Death to Diabetes LLC company. 

Note: More details about the Death to Diabetes Certification Training Program will be provided in future posts in this blog.
Health coaching helps to reverse Type 2 diabetes

Health coaching helps to reverse Type 2 diabetes

Health coaching helps to reverse Type 2 diabetes

Health coaching helps to reverse Type 2 diabetes